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Star Wars. Because it’s okay to have just one woman in your universe.

By Jem Yoshioka


I’m gonna fix this like right now.

Y’all ready?


Ahsoka Tano. Padawan to the Chosen One.

Aurra Sing. Badass bounty hunter extraordinaire.

Aayla Secura. Jedi Knight.

Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and her Padawan Barriss Offee.

Zam Wessel. Another awesome bounty hunter.

Sabine. Mandalorian rebel and artist.

Hera. Captain of the Ghost.

Duchess Satine Kryze. Leader of the Manadalorian System, which represents about 1,500 worlds.

Bo-Katan Kryze. Satine’s sister and second in command of Death Watch (a terrorist organization).

FREAKIN ASAJJ VENTRESS. Sith assassin and Nightsister.

Mother Talzin and a Nightsister. That’s right. A whole freakin CLAN of awesome warrior women!

Senator Riyo Chuchi. She’s an awesome diplomat.

Mother fuckin Master Shaak Ti. She’s one of the few that survives the Purge (Order 66).

Jedi Master Adi Gallia.

GRAND MASTER SATELE SHAN. Meaning, back in her day, she was the “Yoda” of the whole Jedi Order!

DARTH ZANNAH. She was apprentice to Darth Bane, who started the RULE OF TWO. A lineage that went all the way to Emperor Palpatine!

There’s also Ganodi

and Katooni

two Jedi younglings.

Let’s not forget Padme Amidala. Senator from Naboo. And also, the role model all politicians should look up to (no joke).

And much, much more!

There are a lot of awesome ladies in Star Wars. Just because you’re too ignorant to look beyond the original trilogy does NOT mean the entirety of the series is lacking in female roles… on a similar note though, I’m disappointed with the new Episode VII casting and their lack of ladies there.

Alright, reblogging this with more awesome ladies in honor of May the 4th.

Y’all want more awesome ladies representing in the Star Wars verse?

Well here ya go. lol

This is Steela Gerrera. She fought against the Separtists and for the freedom of her planet during the Clone Wars.

Don’t tell me y’all forgot about Sabe. She was Padme’s decoy and loyal bodyguard. She was a part of the Queen’s handmaidens who were much more than mere “servants”.

Queen Miraj Scintel man… she ruled an empire (of slavers unfortunately). But man oh man, talk about a woman who takes no shit. She was in Count Dooku’s face when he spoke out against her.

Darth Talon. Do I really need to expand? Look at her badass awesomeness.

This is the Daughter. A Force Wielder aka a Force GOD essentially. She’s also known as the Winged Goddess since she can turn into a majestic gryphon. She’s LITERALLY the embodiment of all light and goodness in the Force.

Mother f-ing Githany man! She was a member of the Brotherhood of Darkness and used a freakin LIGHTWHIP even though she had a lightsaber.

Queen Julia of Bardotta. She was not only the queen of her world, but also her people’s spiritual leader.

Rianna Saren used to be a slave… until she escaped and eventually became a Rebel Alliance hero! Also, prosthetic lekku, how neat is that?

I love this girl. Latts Razzi. She’s a bounty hunter with some wicked style. Let me tell ya…

Sy Snootles. Not your typical “pretty female” and she’s more than Jabba’s singer! She was also a part-time bounty hunter!

T’ra Saa. Man oh man is she and her people cool. Shape shifting plant beings?! And she’s a Jedi Master at that!

Sugi is a bounty hunter and mercenary. Bitches get shit done yo.

Maris Brood. She survived the Purge with her Master Shaak Ti. But after Shaak Ti’s deaths he went totaly dark side.

Let me tell you about Darth Traya! She was BLIND, but was awesome enough to use the force to telekinetically wield THREE lightsabers. You tell me that’s not awesome!

Oh god, Jedi Master Fay. If an elf from LotR was to be in Star Wars, SHE WOULD BE IT. She was super old, yet remained young and beautiful. She was so badass with her Force abilities that she didn’t even USE a lightsaber!

Last but not least, Mara Jade. Emperor’s Hand, smuggler, Jedi Master, and oh yea, eventual wife of Luke Skywalker!

This is not an exhaustive list. I just wanted to let people know on this special day the awesome ladies from Star Wars that get no love because everyone is too focused on the original trilogy due to nostalgia fever.

There are two very great points being brought up here. One, there are more women outside of the original trilogy. So those girls dressed as Leia could definitely dress up as one of the many female characters that have been mentioned above.

Two, there needs to be more women in Star Wars VII. And not as in “we need to add five females here.” NO. I mean, that those new male characters could have been female. Does the fact that they’re male identify or define their character? Probably not. All the more reason to have created them as female. That’s the point that people don’t get.

It’s like this with Marvel too, at least when it comes to The Avengers stuff. Going by the very surface of the Marvel movies, boys can dress up as: Thor, Cpt America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Falcon, 

Girls get: Black Widow (and like Padme and the other women in the prequels, more if you dig deeper than the best known movie content— Pepper Potts, Darcy, Jane, Sif… etc, but just going by Avengers, that’s it.)  When Avengers 2 comes out they will have Scarlet Witch. 

If you look at the comics and cartoons though there are TONS of women little girls can admire and dress up as. Too many for me to mention. But with both Avengers/MCU and Star Wars, people don’t really look beyond the movies. 

Same with DC: Girls get Lois, maybe IDK if she shows up in Man of Steel, and that Kryptonian lady who looks really cool in MoS .And that’s it. Cuz you know, no Wonder Woman movie.

If you look at the comics and cartoons, there’s again, TONS of awesome female characters. (That the comics are unfortunately currently butchering.) 

I think the REAL point is that JJ Abrams and co, and whoever is in charge of the casting in Avengers and co, and whoever does the DC movies, HAS NO FUCKING EXCUSE for the lack of women in the movies. NONE. Because if they’re not creative enough to come up with new characters there’s TONS of them for them to fall back on. 

Also Greeata! <3

HEY! Don’t forget the Sword of the Jedi:




DON’T FORGET QUEEN MOTHER OF THE HAPES SYSTEM AND ONCE-JEDI, TENEL KA. Her lightsaber hilt was made from a rancor’s tooth, which she took from its mouth!!!

AND VESTARA KHAI of the Lost Tribe of the Sith!

I still feel there are no commercialized costumes of any of the star wars women but leia. 

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